Technical Sessions

Biomagnetism and biomedical applications (chairs: Oriano Bottauscio, Daniel Ortega, Paolo Ravazzani)
Magnetic recording, magnetic memories and sensors (chairs: Francesca Casoli, Gaspare Varvaro)
Magnetic materials for energy applications (chairs: Nora Dempsey, Simone Fabbrici)
Additive manufacturing of magnetic materials (chairs: Dieter Suess, Paola Tiberto)
Spin waves and magnonics (chairs: Gianluca Gubbiotti, Helmut Schulteiss)
Spintronics, multiferroics and voltage control of magnetism (chairs: Riccardo Bertacco, Georg Schmidt)
Spin-orbit torque (chairs: Giovanni Finocchio, Jean-Marie George)
Skyrmions (chairs: Nicolas Reyren, Riccardo Tomasello)
Mathematical modeling and micromagnetics (chairs: Oksana Chubykalo-Fesenko, Massimiliano d’Aquino)
Macroscale modeling of magnetic and multifunctional materials and devices (chairs: Simone Quondam Antonio, Ciro Visone)
FORC-based identification techniques (chair: Alexandru Stancu)
Advanced measurement techniques (chairs: Marco Coisson, Evangelos Hristoforou)
Electromagnetic non-destructive testing (chairs: Aldo Canova, Antonello Tamburrino)
Magnetic levitation and bearings, electrical machines and other electromagnetic devices (chairs: Antonino Musolino, Luca Sani)
Artificial intelligence, optimization and inverse problems (chairs: Gabriele Maria Lozito, Riccardo Scorretti)